Beit Sitti was awarded the certificate of excellence for being rated 5 out of 5 and ranked number 1 on trip advisor for three consecutive years (years 2013, 2014 and 2015) in Amman, Jordan. Here are some testimonials from a collection of different sources.

Beit Sitti was awarded the certificate of excellence for being rated 5 out of 5 and ranked number 1 on trip advisor for three consecutive years (years 2013, 2014 and 2015)  in Amman, Jordan. Here are some testimonials from a collection of different sources.

  • Most people visit Jordan to ogle at its historical sites and float in the Dead Sea, stopping in Amman only for a brief visit. But should you spend a little longer in the capital city, there’s a host of culinary delights to discover.

    James Brennan BeAmman
  • "We headed to Beit Sitti cooking school. This little gem is located in a beautiful house in Amman’s picturesque neighbourhood of Weibdeh."

    Black Tomatoe Black Tomatoe
  • "One of 7 top-notch global cooking schools for the traveling epicure"

    Michaela Trimble
    Michaela Trimble Vogue Magazine
  • World's 10 best vegetarian destinations June 2014 It's so easy to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Jordan where mezze dishes such as tabouleh, hummus, falafel and gourmet Arabic flatbreads abound. From Beit Sitti (it means "my grandmother's kitchen" in Arabic), located in the heart of Amman.

    CNN International
    CNN International CNN International
  • “the best way for a Jordanian mother, to show love is by how much she feeds her kids”  Maria’s personal mission is to share the love with visitors of her country by running cooking courses at Beit Sitti (House of my Grandmother) teaching Jordanians as well as tourists the best way to make flat bread, fresh lemonade and tabbouleh.

    Lonely Planet Traveler
    Lonely Planet Traveler Lonely Planet Traveler
  • The path to understanding foreign cultures always runs through food. Globe-trotting foodie Anthony Bourdain knows best: “Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them—wherever you go.” In Amman, Jordan, the education begins with Chef Maria Haddad Hanania of BeitSitti, a cooking school in one of the capital city’s oldest districts that’s a must visit for anyone interested in Jordanian culture.

    Randy Kalp & Bethany Salvon
    Randy Kalp & Bethany Salvon Conde Naste Traveler
  • It’s famous for its Levant-inspired dishes, but a visit to Beit Sitti shows why Jordan and the Levant make for a great gourmet trip. Tucked in one of Amman’s heritage filled neighborhoods, Beit Sitti (My Grandmother’s House) is the first venue with a cookery teaching concept of its kind in the city.

    Arabia Food & Travel
    Arabia Food & Travel Arabia Food & Travel
  • Should you want to get a glimpse into the story behind some of these cherished Jordanian dishes – like muskhan (chicken with pine nuts)– pop into Beit Sitti on Jabal Weibdeh, a Jordanian run cooking school where you can eat and cook to your heart’s content with no one else around. Be quick, before the word really starts to spread.

     Mike MacEacheran
    Mike MacEacheran Lonely Planet User
  • Beit Sitti, located in the pleasantly hilly Jabal al Weibdeh neighborhood of Amman, the capital city, aims to give its patrons a holistic experience of Jordanian food.

    Guest Post
    Guest Post Foodettetreviews.com
  • In amongst the hustle and bustle of Amman, you’ll find some of the country’s most authentic cooking classes that will introduce you to traditional flavours. A favourite of ours is the family owned Beit Sitti restaurant, where individuals can learn to cook their own three-course Arabic meal. Listen to a lifetime of cooking stories whilst handling the freshest ingredients and build each dish from scratch.

    Tom Marchant
    Tom Marchant aluxurytravelblog.com/
  • Beit Sitti est une véritable expérience culinaire et culturelle jordanienne : on peut simplement y manger (ce qui n'est déjç pas rien !), mais aussi y prendre des cours de cuisine traditionelle. Hummus, falafel, manaeesh, mezze à toutes les sauces et autres spécialités typiques de la région, tout y passe ! Les trois sympathiques soeurs, Maria, Dina et Tania vous accueillent dans la superbe maison de leur grand-mère, dans une ambiance des plus agréables. Une expérience à ne pas manquer

    Petitfute.com Petitfute.com
  • "A great experience for locals and tourists alike!" Has a great homey feel with its furniture, family pictures hanging on the walls, little trinkets that you would only find at your grandma's house, and the staff to compliment it. Very friendly and hospitable hosts giving the true sense of what it is like to be a guest in a Jordanian home. You also get the priceless tips that are only taught in a grandmother's kitchen: taste the latest batch of freshly pressed olive oil, taste the freshest spices from the market, and find out which spice you shouldn't go home without. Chopping, baking and tasting delivered with passion: My idea of a dining experience at its best.

    Muna H
    Muna H
  • "Friendly, cozy and a great way to experience a traditional meal!" This is a must-try for all visitors to Amman. Beit Sitti is set in a traditional house in one of the city's lovely older neighbourhoods. The cosy kitchen/dining room setting is gorgeous and you are made to feel at home immediately. Everyone gets an apron and a chopping board and you make a traditional salad, starter, main and dessert. It a great way to learn some basic Arabic dishes, which you all sit down to eat afterwards. I've been three times and made different dishes, and all were great. They do not serve alcoholic drinks but you are welcome to bring your own. I would recommend this for a group up to about 10 people, as I have been with a larger sized group and it can get a bit crammed and unfocused. During the summer they shift the experience outside to the spacious terrace.

    Reem K
    Reem K
  • "Maria was the BEST -- Amazing Food / Views / & def a highlight of Amman!" WHERE DO I START!? Beit Sitti is a GREAT TIME! We went in June 2015 -- and had a blast! We walked from Downtown Amman to Beit Siti -- (not far at all). We walked in to this beautiful restaurant/lounge -- converted from the girls' Grandmother's house -- which sits on a hill overlooking Amman.....incredible views. We were greeted by Maria and her assistant, and taken to the outdoor patio overlooking Amman. The views were beautiful -- especially as the sun was setting. She mentioned to us that due to a cancellation we would be having a private class....which could have been awkward -- but Maria made it an AMAZING personal experience. She was INCREDIBLE! We all participated in learning and making Mutabal, Fatoush, Cucumber Salad, & Pita Bread. All of which which had simple fresh ingredients -- yet complex tastes all around.....very cool stuff. Maria was a huge help -- and allowed us tons of hands-on time -- so we could really grasp the concept of all of the dishes. Lot of fun. MARIA -- ANYTIME YOU ARE IN NYC, LET US KNOW SO WE CAN REPAY YOU!

    Chris D
    Chris D
  • "A wonderful intro to delicious Arabic cuisine!" As an American chef I was very excited to explore Arabic cuisine quite simply because there is not much of this type of food available in the states. I'd like to start by saying Maria(and her sisters) was an exceptional host and was very knowledgable. The rooftop setting hosts a breath taking view of the city and is well suited for an authentic experience. My experience with Maria as we prepared lunch left an incredible impression on me which helps me to remember why I fell in love with the culinary arts. Arabic cuisine is a beautiful reminder that with a few good quality ingredients, you can make something exquisite and full of flavor. Beit Sitti skyrocketed through my every expectation and left me hungry for more. I think it's important for one to completely immerse themselves in any culture different from their own when traveling to a new part of the world. One of the best ways to do this is by exploring the local cuisine and try as much as possible. Taking a class at Beit Sitti is an incredible introduction to learning about Arabic food and culture. I would highly recommend attending a course and cannot wait to implement these recipes into my cooking so people here in the States can taste the love of Middle Eastern food. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!!!

    Paul P
    Paul P Chef


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